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Tasty Tofu

Tofu, bean curd, is such a versatile and healthy protein that absorbs any flavor you choose to add to the dish. My Sicilian husband was quite trepidatious when I suggested tofu for lunch. With that being said, I have converted him.

I prefer extra firm tofu because it is easy to pan-fry, stir-fry, deep-fry or bake in the oven because it has the least amount of water content. Even though the water content is low, it is still necessary to let the tofu drain on some paper towels. I like to bake the tofu in chunks, so I cut the tofu into one inch chunks and place them on paper towels with more paper towels on top. I typically it drain for fifteen minutes or so.

Next, I gently place the tofu on a rimmed baking sheet and toss it with extra virgin olive oil and some salt and pepper. I bake it at 375 degrees for twenty minutes before adding my protein. In this case, I added some cooked deveined shrimp tossed in olive oil. For extra crispiness, I crank the heat for the last five minutes.

When plating, I add a maple, soy, ginger, rice vinegar glaze topped with cilantro or flat leaf parsley. It is a very satisfying nutritious lunch. Enjoy!

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