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A Long Haul - So Worth It - My very first Blog!!

Wow - what a ride. A year and a half ago, my husband supported me in taking a big chance - moving from Chicago to Lake Geneva while still owning two homes in Chicago. We took a leap of faith - in ourselves - to buy a commercially zoned property that would allow me to pursue my Now, here we are....licensed in the state of Wisconsin as a full-fledged restaurant. Today marks the full flight of our website - I am excited to announce my catering and personal chef venues. Please check out my website and stay in touch to view my blogs.

While all of this social media is a new experience, I plan to nail it. Watch for my daily blogs and instagrams highlighting my food thoughts and pictures of the day.

I look forward to growing with you. Enjoy with mouth watering anticipation!

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1 Comment

Lisa Pasterski
Lisa Pasterski
Jan 30, 2020

This makes my mouth water! Laura - so happy for you both!!! xoxo

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