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Cornish Game Hens - Elegant, yet Simple

I often forget about these delicious little wonders. Cornish game hens are a perfect course for individuals that present an elegant dish that is both good looking and filling. Last night, I made one each for my husband and myself. I coated the outsides and insides with extra virgin olive oil rubbed with a mixture of poultry seasoning, dried basil, lemon pepper and salt. I then stuffed them with chunks of bell peppers, onions and celery. I let the pieces overflow into the baking sheet and added some cherry tomatoes. I roasted them for around 45 minutes at 375 (internal temperature should be 165) and then broiled them for a couple of minutes at the end to get that beautiful coloring. Last, I tented them with foil and rested them for 10 minutes. Delicious! Enjoy!

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