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Frozen Herb Oil - What a tiny burst of goodness

Whether it is the end of summer or the middle of winter, do not throw out those herbs! I fill ice trays with half of my selected herb (any will work!) and then fill the other half with a very good extra virgin olive oil. Next, put them in the freezer overnight. Once frozen, simply transfer them to baggies and presto - you have herbs at your fingertips all year round. What a nice treat to grab a cube or two from your freezer and elevate your meal. Pictured here is an example of melting my frozen cubes for green beans almondine.

First, I toast my almonds (I ALWAYS) toast nuts before incorporating them into my food. Then, add the toasted almonds to that luscious herb-infused oil on the stovetop and dress the green beans or hericot verts for a delightful side dish.

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