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Fun Weekend!

Gabe and I had a great weekend filled with friends, food and drink! With a combination of children and adults, I came up with the following food game plan. I made deviled eggs, Italian beef with roasted sweet peppers, bite size roasted cherry tomatoes filled with mini mozzarella balls and some anise biscotti. Our friends complimented the smorgasbord with a Sicilian pizza and a charcuterie board. With some great background music and assortments of red and white wine, we had the makings of a party.

Since deviled eggs can be made in advance, and the Italian beef was heated in a crockpot, I was able to enjoy the party stress-free. To me, that is key when entertaining. I try to do as much as I can ahead of time so that it is just a matter of heating and serving once the guests arrive. I am also a huge list maker! I list out the food, then the recipes, and then the timing so that I can sleep at night.

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