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Pierogi - Perfect Little Dumplings

I made pierogies yesterday for a client. They are delicious little bundles of flavor bombs. I had never made them before, so this was a whole new experience. The dough is very different than dough I have worked with before: It is very pliable. Also, the dough hook is used to make this dough. The dough is simply flour, salt, sour cream, egg and water. The filling I made is baked russet potatoes and cheddar cheese.

I used a 3 1/2 inch round cutter to create the pierogi rounds, and a small scoop to fill the delicate little rounds with the potato cheese filling. Next, I cooked them in boiling water: They are ready when they float to the top. Last, I add a healthy scoop of butter to a pan and heat it until lightly browned to add that extra bit of flavor. The boiled pierogies go in the pan and are cooked until brown on both sides. To serve, I put a dollop of sour cream on top. The result is a beautiful crunchy exterior with a light tasty interior. Enjoy!

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