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Scrumptious Sicilian Pan Pizza

Pizza comes in so many shapes, sizes and thicknesses. While I am a big fan of paper thin crusty pizza, I also enjoy cast iron pizza (see prior blog) and Sicilian pizza. The beauty of Silcilian pizza is the ease of cooking it which makes it virtually stress free.

When cooking from a pizza peel, you have to ensure that the peel is sufficiently covered with corn meal so that it does not stick when sliding it into that super hot 550 degree oven or grill. Furthermore, you have to be sure not to use too much sauce: If the sauce seeps over the edge of the dough, it will stick to the peel as well. Then, you need spin it around while baking to cook it evenly.

Sicilian pan pizza, on the other hand, is prepared on a rimmed baking sheet. After spreading the pizza dough on an oiled baking sheet, let it rise for another hour. Then, you can add the sauce and toppings without the stress of losing half of it while slipping off of a peel. In my opinion, the best pizza is made with very fresh, but limited, ingredients. I enjoy marinara sauce, roasted peppers, and two or three cheeses such as smoked mozzarella and provolone. Once out of the oven, topping it with fresh basil adds that final touch. Enjoy!

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