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Vodka Is So Good In So Many Ways!

Last night I was rummaging through my freezer and found a package of frozen squid and some frozen shrimp. My mind immediately went to making pasta. I chose pappardelle as my pasta because I love the texture when combined with a nice creamy sauce.

For the sauce, I grabbed a jar of my homemade marinara, some garlic cloves, some fresh grape tomatoes and some scallions that I had on hand. After sauteing the vegetables, I added my sauce and a rind of parmigiano-reggiano. In the meantime, I boiled my pasta water and cooked my pappardelle.

To finish, I removed the sauce from the heat, added a quarter cup of vodka, a few splashes of whipping cream and a pad of butter. Last, I added my pasta and created a delicious meal for two.

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