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Wilting Kale? Swiss Chard? Collard Greens? Don't Throw Them Away!

I had some collard greens sitting in the back of my vegetable drawer that had been slightly forgotten. I also had some rockfish in my freezer that I had been wanting to cook. Last, since my Sicilian husband never refuses pasta, I decided to combine the three into a one dish meal.

I boiled my spaghetti noodles with smashed garlic cloves. When the spaghetti was nearly cooked, I added in my collard greens. Once wilted, I put them in a blender with the boiled garlic cloves, some olive oil, salt and pepper and grated parmigiano-reggiano. I transferred my spaghetti to a sautee pan and added my fish which cooked rapidly. I then added the blended collard greens with a little more parmigiano-reggiano grated on top and a swirl of extra virgin olive oil. Mission Accomplished!

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