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Doufeu Anyone?

So, what is it? A Doufeu pot is one of the most incredible cooking vessels on the planet, in my opinion. Doufeu's have a recessed lid that is filled with ice to create condensation while cooking: The lid has "teats" that circulate steam as a basting liquid. It is ideal for low and slow cooking.

I particularly love this specialty vessel for cooking a leg of lamb. I create a myriad of slits in the lamb which I fill with sliced garlic and season with salt and pepper all over. Then, I brown the lamb in olive oil on all sides which takes about 15 minutes. Next, I add a cup or so of my homemade stock (vegetable or chicken) and slowly cook the lamb. The key success factor is to ensure that ice is continuously in the lid to enable the "bath" to take place internally. The end result is a deliciously moist and flavor-filled lamb. Enjoy!

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