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The Most Versatile Base for a Savory or Sweet Treat - Puff Pastry

While I pride myself on creating my recipes with ingredients from scratch, I must say that when it comes to puff pastry, you cannot beat a store bought one! Puff pastry can produce a beautiful appetizer or dessert in less than two hours (one of which is simply thawing it).

Puff pastry can be thawed in the refrigerator overnight or from freezer to counter for less than one hour. Once it is pliable enough to work with, simply flour a board and the pastry and roll it out to the desired size which is typically 10x14. Next, you can treat it like pie dough, use cut outs to make cute designs to house delectable fillings, make tarts, etc. There are countless ways to use this buttery flaky bundle of goodness.

For purposes of this blog, I chose to make a ham and gruyere appetizer. The first layer of pastry is rolled out, brushed with delicious Dijon mustard, layered with black forest ham and gruyere cheese, and topped with the second layer of puff pastry. Cut the edges to be uniform and brush one egg mixed with 1T of water over the top to get that beautiful coloring. Last, put a few slits on top to allow the steam to escape. Bake it for 20-25 minutes and serve warm. Enjoy!

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